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Onstage with Jim & Tom is a podcast hosted by Jim Agius and Tom Gaffey on the stage of the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA. The show is available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud

Jim Agius has booked concerts at the Phoenix since 2006 and is a member of the Phoenix board of directors. He enjoys meeting people and doing things. 

Tom Gaffey has managed the Phoenix Theater since 1983 (it was supposed to be a one year project). He is a firm believer in anarchy and his band is called Thus the Buzz. 

The Phoenix Theater is an iconic punk rock venue in downtown Petaluma. It opened in 1905 as the Hill Opera House, became a movie theater in the 1920’s, and began hosting rock-and-roll in the 1980’s. Today, it continues on as a live music venue and community center. 

Paul Haile is the composer of the Onstage theme song and mixes all performance audio for the show. 

Michael McCall is the live sound engineer for Onstage performances and live events. 

Eric Molyneaux is the photographer for Onstage performances and live events. 

Timmy Lodhi, Nick Johnston, Luc Londe, Max Brickey, Anthony Jimenez, Ryan Grae, Joe Alexander-Short, Siraj Ali and Steven Lopez have worked on the Onstage video crew. 

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