Trebuchet | 2/14/17

Onstage with Jim & Tom welcomes Trebuchet to the stage at the Phoenix Theater for an interview and performance on 2/14/17.

This is a deeply personal and far-reaching episode of Onstage that touches on love, friendship, family, pain, isolation, redemption, and much more. We explore the origin story of their new album “Volte-Face” and the incredible force that this band has been in the personal lives of the members.

A Confession
In Pursuit

Recorded at at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA.

Trebuchet is Navid Manoochehri, Lauren Haile, Paul Haile, and Eliott Whitehurst.

Camera operators: Ryan Grae, Timmy Lodhi, Max Brickey, Jim Agius
Audio mixing: Paul Haile |
Video editing: Jim Agius & Timmy Lodhi