The New Trust | 9/18/16

Onstage with Jim & Tom welcomes The New Trust to the stage at the Phoenix Theater for an interview and performance on 9/18/16.

Our wide-ranging conversation explores the burden of nostalgia, the struggle to keep creating, origins of the band, lessons learned, the music industry, community, Steve Albini, relationship with fans, the future of The New Trust, and much more.


The Suffering Of Fools (45:01)
Veterans Affairs (49:29)
Keep Dreaming (52:25)
Orbiting (56:05)
Make Me Deaf (58:44)

Recorded at at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA. Performance recorded on 7/5/16, interview recorded on 9/18/16.

The New Trust is Josh Staples, Sara Sanger, and Julia Lancer.