The Drought Cult | 8/22/17

Onstage with Jim & Tom welcomes The Drought Cult to the stage at the Phoenix Theater for an interview and performance on 8/22/17.

This episode features everyone wearing cloaks and then quickly transforms into “Onstage with Jef Overn” followed by everyone waxing philosophical for a while. “Fearful, sexy, spooky – The Drought Cult’s got it all” – Tom Gaffey.

Creosote (13:38)
Worlds Apart (18:02)
Silver and Gold (23:04)
Animals (27:36)
The Truth (31:24)

Recorded at at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA.
Camera operators: Ryan Grae, Timmy Lodhi, Max Brickey, Jim Agius

Audio mixing: Paul Haile |
Video editing: Jim Agius & Timmy Lodhi