Justin Schaefers & The Blind Barbers | 1/9/18

Onstage with Jim & Tom welcomes Justin Schaefers & The Blind Barbers to the stage at the Phoenix Theater for an interview and performance on 1/9/18.

Justin Schaefers is an 18-year-old “desperately trying to be a poor folk star from 1963” – we talk with Justin and the band about their love of music, what drives them, the origin of this group, lessons learned and more.

One Man’s Word
When It Gets To What It’s Going To Be
Jack Rabbit
Cancel Your Plans
Giving Away the Recipe

Recorded at at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA.
Camera operators: Ryan Grae, Timmy Lodhi, Max Brickey, Jim Agius

Audio mixing: Paul Haile | http://www.greenhouserecording.com/
Video editing: Jim Agius & Timmy Lodhi