Hellbender | 2/21/17

Onstage with Jim & Tom welcomes Hellbender to the stage at the Phoenix Theater for an interview and performance on 2/21/17.

We talk about playing metal in Sonoma County for over a quarter century, lessons learned along the way, camaraderie, themes on their new album, the state of the world, and more.

Falling down (12:20)
Crossing the Line (15:28)
Eyes Wide Shut (19:11)
End of Days (23:18)

Recorded at at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA.

Camera operators: Ryan Grae, Timmy Lodhi, Max Brickey, Jim Agius
Audio mixing: Paul Haile | http://www.greenhouserecording.com/
Video editing: Jim Agius & Timmy Lodhi